Welcome to the Chopin's Works section of my site. I will have a description of each type of work he composed, and a link to a site describing each work individually.

Chopin's works are some of the most beautiful and sensational things to have ever been composed. Each has it's own world and originality which surpasses the other, which makes it simply impossible to select a favorite. But why should you need to? :P


The Chopin Etudes are very difficult pieces written for piano solo. They were written between 1829 and 1836 and each one presents a different technical goal to be accomplished. (i.e. arpeggios, left hand melodies, cross-rythms...) Despite their technical purpose, they are also very beautiful and have some very nice melodies and are commonly included in the repertoires of pianists today.
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Waltzes, ahh yes, we all dance to them. :) Chopin wrote many waltzes (the most famous being the Minute Waltz). The wonderful rythm, melody and elegance of the waltzes make them a great choice for pianists and audiences today. Each waltz varies differently in technical difficulty and length.
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Ahh so sad. The nocturnes are arguably the most beautiful pieces ever composed by Chopin. Each one has such a beautiful melancolic melody which makes the performer and audience want to tear. :( The most famous Nocturne is probably his Nocturne in C sharp Minor, posth. which was used twice in the movie The Pianist.
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Chopin's 24 preludes are very similar to his Etudes Op. 10 & Op. 25. He composed them after having studied Bach's "The well-tempered klavier" which explains the cirle of tonalities employed.
Robert Schumann: "I would term the Preludes strange. They are sketches, beginnings of Etudes, or, so to speak, ruins, individual eagle pinions, all disorder and wild confusions."
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Chopin's 4 Ballades have been the most inspirational pieces of music that I have ever heard. Each one is a large-scale masterpiece with the wildest climaxes and most unbelieveably beautiful melodies ever. They are each quite technically difficult in this is order, arguably from easiest to most difficult, 3, 1 = 2, 4. Never have I encountered a piece by any other composer that has left me with the same effect as these Ballades. Truly well done, Chopin. :)

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