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Chopin Music is not the sole authority on Chopin! In fact, several online resources exist... The following are links to recommended sites for classical music. They are organized by subject. A site map is also available.


- Chopin Vodka, an authentic experience in the Polish tradition.
- Classical TV article featuring Chopin’s life and works.
- The Chopin Society, located in the United Kingdom.
- The Delicate Piano Poet, listing various Chopin facts and trivia.
- The Frederick Chopin Society, located in Warsaw, Poland.
- The Poet of the Piano, containing a variety of interactive content.
- Wikipedia Article containing a wealth of user-contributed information.

Classical Music

- Classic Archives, the largest classical music site on the web.
- Classical Composers, a database of classical musical media.
- Classical Composers’ Archive, an extensive archive of information.
- Classical Net, for reviews of CD’s, SACD’s, DVD’s and books.
- FlexiMusic, software for music fanatics, composers and engineers.
- Music History Timeline from antiquity to 1900, a useful study tool.
- Music Library, an online library consisting of a large amount of media.
- MusicWeb International, for composer profiles, reviews, timelines, etc.
- Naxos Gallery of Classical Music, an extensive, educational encyclopedia.
-, an extensive list of links and academic resources.
- Wikipedia Search, a starting point for any research of classical music.


- Argerich, concert pianist of Argentine origin.
- Arrau, a Chilean pianist of world fame.
- Ashkenazy, Russian conductor and pianist.
- Biegel, an American pianist.
- Cortot, French pianist of the 20th century.
- Cziffra, a Hungarian virtuoso pianist.
- Fiorentino, a 20th-century Italian classical pianist.
- Hamelin, a French-Canadian classical pianist and composer.
- Horowitz, a Ukrainian-born, American classical pianist.
- Kapell, an American pianist of Russian descent.
- Kinda, an Australian pianist and Chopin specialist.
- Kissin, a famous Russian virtuoso pianist.
- Lear, classical pianist and Chopin researcher.
- Lortie, a French-Canadian pianist.
- Michelangeli, an Italian classical pianist.
- Nakamatsu, a Japanese-American pianist.
- Perahia, an American concert pianist and conductor.
- Pollini, an Italian classical pianist.
- Richter, a Soviet concert pianist.
- Rubinstein, a Polish pianist and Chopin interpreter.
- Vásáry, a Swiss pianist and conductor.
- Yundi Li, a young Chinese classical pianist.
- Zimerman, a Polish classical virtuoso pianist.


- CBC for the Arts - Music, a Canadian broadcasting corporation.
- Deutsche Grammophon, a record company in Germany.
- EMI Classics, a record company in London, England.
-, a legal recording distribution project.
- Piano Society, a project for distribution of amateur recordings.
- Sony Music Entertainment, a record company.

Sheet Music

- 8notes, an extensive resource for both free and priced sheet music.
- Free Sheet Music Guide, a great guide for finding sheet music at no cost.
- Kreusch Sheet Music , a database of free sheet music.
- Load.CD, a database of sheet music by classical and contemporary composers.
- mFiles, a website for free sheet music, featuring many styles of music.
- Sheet Music Archive, an exhaustive resource for free classical sheet music.
- The Mutopia Project, free sheet music for everyone, with more than 800 works.


- Eternal Sonata, a new Chopin video game by Namco Bandai Games.
- Frédéric Chopin and his Publishers, an academic paper about Chopin’s publishers.

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