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Welcome to the ChopinMusic Forum!

Why Register?

Have you been reading the posts, but have an urge to argue about your favorite Horowitz recording? Registering to the forum gives you access to the member-only forums (word games, casual discussion etc.) and allows you to post in any of the member forums. Also, it gives you the power to send or receive private messages, choose a personal avatar, get to know the other members, and become part of the quickly growing community!

Click here to register now! (It's completely free.)

What is ChopinMusic?

ChopinMusic is a community of classical music lovers, dedicated to excellence. Our forum is devoted to being friendly, helpful, enjoyable, informative and generally, a great place to be. Our members include professional musicians, students, beginners and many people who simply love classical music. Also, it is nicely moderated to keep it clean and free of some of the waste on the net these days. It contains an Audition room, for members to criticize eachother's recordings, a Composers room for discussing inspiration, exchange and others. It also contains many other forums either on or off topic of Classical music.

I want some media!

Perfectly understandable! This site is a great place to start! There are plenty of places to look. First, you could always visit the ChopinMusic lounge to listen to some Chopin and interact with others. Second, you could ask for some recordings in the Recording Exchange forum. Or even ask for some sheet music in the Sheet Music Exchange forum. Please do, however, bare in mind that many materials are copyright protected and not allowed to be exchanged on this site. It is also fun to download some music from the Audition room forum, many of our members have exceptional talent! :) Also, the library section is over-loading with information and media, including many recordings! :)

Who are the members of the team here?

The team of moderators and administrators have carefully been chosen and are built of highly responsible and knowledgeable people which the webmaster has given total trust in doing a good job. If you would like to know a little more about them individually, you may click this link. If you would like to get to know a little more about this forum, it is suggested to read the Announcements forum. Also, you may feel free to send a PM to any member of the team with any questions regarding the forum, they would be glad to help you.

Is ChopinMusic only a forum?

Not at all! :) It is three things in one. First, it is a very lively community full of very professional people who enjoy all kinds of music and love discussing it. Second, the home site a large resource for anything Chopin! (recordings, sheet music, biography, etc.) Third, the library area is an immense plethora of information which has been built up over time by the community here. Overall, ChopinMusic is a great place to learn, share, create and relax.. and we're always looking for new members! :)

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