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The Pianist - unknown song

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The Pianist - unknown song

Postby nocturnetta » 10 Feb 2006, 17:51

I don't think this post belongs here... but anyway, in the movie "The Pianist" - when Szpilman's playing the piano in this restaurant in the ghetto, what song is he playing?

I think it's in G+, and the second time when you hear him play it (his sister then runs in and tells him his brother's in trouble...) the song slips into a minor section, or so. It' s a very pretty piece, very romantic.

what's the name of this song? I've been searching and searching... and it's not on the Pianist Cd, I think.
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Postby tony » 10 Feb 2006, 18:31

Well... During that time he does a mixture of CHopin's Piano Concerto in E minor with some other little piece he wrote included... :idea:
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Re: The Pianist - unknown song

Postby gavin_rossdale » 30 Jul 2011, 08:10

Its an improvised instrumental version of a popular pre-war song called 'Umowilem sie z nia na dziewiata'. Its definitely has good piano notes..
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