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YO, i need a new piano

The piano: historical and mechanical information
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Postby Max » 21 Sep 2004, 14:52

ChopinBallade wrote:comme, take it from someone who owns a digital and sold them for 3 years. Most yamahas are crap, go for the roland Fp-2 model, trust me....i have the fp5 model its the same thing but fp2 is better. Its the most realistic thing youll come across as far as key touch and sound. Its light and portable and will withstand many years of fury...mine has. I belive its only 1,299, but as always go to your local music store and test every piano you can before buying one.

The only crap Yamahas I've played are some of their baby grands.

Yamahas have brilliant touch, uber realistic and heavy. Roland are good, but I prefer Yamaha (especially in terms of their sampling)
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Postby Goldberg » 21 Sep 2004, 20:01

In my experience, the only worthwhile Yamaha digitals are the true upper-end models, which can get up to $7,000 or more. Might as well get a real piano for that much. I spent many years playing a Roland digital, which you could probably find now for closer to $2,000 or so, and it sufficed even if it wasn't brilliant. Look into the KR series, or...let me think...there's a good alternative for even less money but I'm not sure on the name: RD-600, perhaps? Well, check it out.
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Postby Comme_le_Vent » 22 Sep 2004, 03:50

hmmm, should i buy online?

ok so its between da yam and da rol

perhaps i should try dem out in stores, and den buy da best price online?

dayum, dis is complicated sheeyat
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Postby k-nar » 22 Sep 2004, 12:53

yhea go to a store and unleash your fury on all of dem
those who breaks, you eliminate
among the remaining ones u choose the best touch and sound
den u buy online
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