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A Night in Vienna

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A Night in Vienna

Postby calebrw on Fri Jul 01, 2005 8:44 pm

A Night in Vienna
For Full Concert Band
Featuring First Clarinet
Op. 16
Voices: Full Concert Band*
Key: Various: Eb, G, C, F**
Tempo: Varios: Moderato, Allegro con Brio, Andate**

A Night in Vienna is an 8 minute piece for full Concert Band. Featured in A Night in Vienna is the First Clarinet part with extended solos by the first trombone. The piece doesn't use any deliberate Venetian themes, so the origin of the title isn't for that reason***.


Measure By Measure:
1: Start of Song (duh), Opens in the Key of Eb with a clarinet section. The intial tempo is Moderato. The Clarinets are joined by the brass at measure 7.
11: Change of Key to G Major. The original theme is restated in this key with some additions.
23: The First Clarinet plays a new melody and is soon by the alto saxophone.
32: The rest of the clarinets join in.
35: The clarinets are out and the Flutes/Oboes finish up the section.
39: The tempo changes to Allegro con Brio and the upper woodwinds excluding Clarinets take the lead.
43: The First Clarinet takes over again with a new melody.
63: Another melody by the First Clarinet.
72: This melody is repeated with more clarinets.
81: The woodwinds take a break and the first trombone takes over with a lengthy solo augmented by the first trumpet. This melody becomes a theme later to be repeated. The final fourth of this theme also includes trumpets and cornets, etc.
113: The previous theme is restated with Basson and Tenor Sax added.
137: The full band pounds out the theme.
145: A new tempo: Andante. A new key signature: 3/4. Flutes and Pic. take up a short theme.
157: A group of woodwinds play a new theme.
165: The horns take up the same theme and add and Alto sax an octave above the melody.
179: The first theme is back. Again in the tempo of Moderato, but this time in the key of C.
186: The theme is restated in the key of F. This is much like meas. "11."
191: An entirely new theme by the First Clarinet.
189: The melody repeats with a quartet of clarinets. (Clar. 1/2/3 and Eb Clarinet)
206: The first, second and third clarinets play of a variation of the theme from "81." The tempo also changes to Allegro con Brio.
238: More instruments are added as the theme repeats.
262: The smashing finale (full band).

As always, I welcome your feedback.

* Pic., Flute 1/2, Oboe 1/2, Bassoon 1/2, E. Horn. Eb Clarinet, Clarinet 1/2/3, Alto Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax 1/2, Ten. Sax, Bar. Sax, Cornet 1/2/3, Trumpet 1/2, Horn 1/2/3/4, Trombone 1/2, Euphonium, Baritone, Tuba, Timpani, Perc. 1/2/3

**Could be more...could be less, i'm to lazy to check

*** The first person that figures out the meaning of title get 1 karma point from me! (*cough PS cough*)
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