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A short song

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A short song

Postby nerd » 04 Oct 2004, 16:46

In composition class we got a mission... we had to compose a melody/accompaniment for some arbitrary text. The text for this song is about violin; it basically says that violin has been an important instrument for a long time. The text is in finnish though and it's not in the midi file but if (when, actually) I make the sheets, you'll see them...

It's my 2nd song (the first was my first composition, too, maybe 10 years ago) and I composed it in about 1 hour (incl. accomp.), so please don't be too rough ;)


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Postby Scriabinist » 05 Oct 2004, 09:11

Haha, sounds weird and rather banal, but very good for an assignment piece. :P
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Postby calebrw » 10 Nov 2004, 12:24

I think it would be perfect for the Sci-Fi (Science-Fiction) channel.

If you put some staccatos (and possibly some accents) in there, it would make it a bit more dramitic and perhaps setting an aprehensive tone
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Postby Tulipso » 10 Mar 2005, 11:59

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Postby PianistSk8er » 14 Mar 2005, 20:09

Tulipso wrote:I really liked it! A very enjoyable tune. It reminded me a bit of Rachmaninoff.

Yes, same here! Keep 'em coming nerd! :naughty:
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