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The Last Performance you had.... and your next.

The art and science of piano performance and technique
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Postby Debussy » 31 Aug 2004, 20:57

PianistSk8er wrote:My last performance was the Finale Concert at Music Camp.

I forgot about that; so that would be my most recent concert.
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Re: The Last Performance you had.... and your next.

Postby Jeliness2 » 31 Jan 2008, 11:34

My last performance was on the 13th, when I had my concerto debut with a local youth orchestra, playing Beethoven Piano Concerto no.1, mve.1. It was really fun...

My next performance is going to be at a contemporary festival in which I'm playing 3 pieces with my trio and 1 solo piece:
-Trio in G minor by Daniel Kim (a 12 year old composer at my music school)
-Singerie by Scott Wheeler
-Verge by Sebastian Currier (It's really long, like 9 movements lol... hope we can get through it)
-Scarlatti Cadences by Sebastian Currier (one of the commissioned pieces for the 12th Van Cliburn Competition)

And I'm also starting to think about a program for a solo recital in the spring.... What do you guys think of this?:

Part 1 (approx. 28 min.)
JS Bach- Prelude and Fugue in f-sharp minor, WTC II
Chopin- Etudes
Op.25 no.1 in A-flat Major
Op.10 no.9 in f minor
Op. 25 no.2 in f minor
Op. 10 no.1 in C Major
Beethoven- 32 Variations in c minor WoO: 80

Part 2 (approx. 27 min.)
Rachmaninoff- Elegy in e-flat minor
Liszt- Sonnetto 104 del Petrarca
Currier: Scarlatti Cadences (+ Brainstorm? - if i can learn it...)
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Re: The Last Performance you had.... and your next.

Postby zeniyama » 18 Feb 2008, 21:22

The last time I performed anything for people, it was at a piano recital. The next time I perform infront of people, will be when my piano teacher finishes his unit on 20th century music in his music history class at the community college. I have to play Schoenberg's Klavierstucke op. 33a for his class to demonstrate what atonal music sounds like.

I asked him if anybody'd like it, and he said "They'll probably all hate it... good luck!"

And then after that... who knows? It'll probably be another recital or something.
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