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Waltz Op. 34/2

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Waltz Op. 34/2

Postby antimatter33 » 17 Apr 2008, 23:18


I am learning this waltz and have an interpretive question.

The left hand has what ordinarily would be a held low A over 4 bars to open. I think it makes more sense and sounds better to strike this A on each bar rather than just holding it. Somehow this seems more "Chopiny" as there are many examples of such pedal points in his music (e.g. the end of the Mazurka Op. 24/4).

What do you think?

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Re: Waltz Op. 34/2

Postby Jeliness2 » 24 Aug 2008, 17:14

I would follow what Chopin wrote... one reason (besides the fact that you should always interpret in terms of what the composer wanted...) is that the phrase seems much longer and beautiful if you hold the bass A. Think of it as an excercise in projecting/shaping your melody and balancing the other voices... and also maintaining legato in all voices.
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