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suggestions for piano + violin

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suggestions for piano + violin

Postby Chozart on Sun Nov 13, 2005 2:36 am

(ok yeah didn't really know where to put this, but whatever)

So... I'm looking for suggestions for a duet for piano & violin.
The violinist I'm going to work with is really quite exceptional (and he's also a baroque & classical snob! :P), so I'm excited, but we'd only have about 4 months to until our performance (so that should say something of the difficulty of your suggestions ~ we'd only meet together a few times toward the 'deadline,' and are both busy with separate repertoirs, school, etc).

Preferences are on minor keys and the classical era ~ if romantic, something in the style of Tchaikovsky or Mendelssohn.

Ok, yeah, but it'd be great to hear some suggestions, even if they do deviate from the above commented things.
Much thanks!
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Postby Goldberg on Sun Nov 13, 2005 4:57 am


I think he wrote 6 violin/harpsichord sonatas (also called recorder sonatas, or maybe flute sonatas...I've heard them either way), and they're all brilliant. I played the longest (I think) one a few years ago with a flutist, I think it's the 3rd one in b minor. Brilliant writing, just lovely. There's another in Eb major that I actually would have preferred, and of course 4 others...Play one of them!
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Postby PianistSk8er on Sun Nov 13, 2005 7:32 am

Are you looking to accompany, or actually have a full role in the performance?

Also, I'd suggest meeting more often than that. In my experience, the prior practice means everything. If you don't fully know what to expect, performance will be very difficult -- especially when aspiring to do so in an appealing manner. Last year I found at least five different recordings of a Romance I was accompanying (understatement) and played along simply because I felt weekly practices weren't sufficient.

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Postby citrine_peridot on Sun Nov 13, 2005 6:41 pm

try the Beethoven ones : I thought those are all pretty cool, and they are 'sonata for violin and piano' rather than 'sonata for violin with piano accompaniment" and as long as your sight reading is better than mine, it should not be a disaster to learn...

I am currently learning the super-doupler popular Spring with a violinist in my school for fun.(yes, for fun . Apparently the violinist and I will break the school's reputation if we compete with that...) When that violinist asked me in my french class, I was like 'yeah, I need some happy ones in my repertoire ..." ,because I heard some seemly knowledgable people in the hostpital I work saying "oh, she is playing sad music again...'

then we started to practicie together in the school's choir room, the very first time. we were running through the first page. it was like :

A random dude, to the violinist ( who looked at me and the violinist as if ...i don't know) : hey, looking sharp.

Violinist : that's for debate tournament...

That dude : yeah i know...do you play vivaldi's four seasons. (sounding hostile, dunno why)

Me (thinking) : oh, that's so last season...

For some reasons ,that dude grabbed the violin and started playing the 'meditation from thai...somthing like that...'

Me: gosh...that piece is annoying (and thinking 'who do you want to impress? there is no girl in here!!!'

Back to topic , our practice was something like :

me : 'opps, I skipped a bar..."
him : 'sorry, this time is me ...'

" why are you keep using the pedal? it's beethoven !"

me : 'too much Chopin nocturnes~~~~~~~~~~~'


choir teacher : 'can i try?" (guess she couldn't stand my sight reading)

the teacher's playing is so good that they got to the ninth page.

a girl (didn't know since when she was there) : Mrs. Solberg you rock!!! And you suck...*looking at the poor violinist whose phrasing is ...*

me *laughing* : you should stick with composing...(actually my playing was worse.)

him : speechless, I bet he was thinking "geez, your pedaling is ...everywhere! "

Enough babbling, I think playing with other musician is really fun. although we make lousy partners. If the violinist you are mentioning is really that good and you don't mind playing the minor part, ask him to try Wieniawski's polonaise concertante Op.4, it's really energizing... ( I was once stupid enough to think that if i practcing violin really hard for a year, i would be able to play that... )

another pointless post by Citrine. *sigh*

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Postby elvenpianist on Mon Nov 14, 2005 6:13 pm

You... lucky...

Check out the Moz violin-piano sonatas....
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