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Your "Introduction" to Music

Musical matters that fit into none of the above categories
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Your "Introduction" to Music

Postby Chozart » 22 Oct 2004, 12:30

I got introduced to it when I took recorder in first grade, lol.
But that lasted only a few weeks, because then there were some non-music issues >_>

But I really wanted to do a string instrument or piano.
I was living in Germany at the time, and always watched these anime shows (how I miss them, they were so beautiful with wonderful plots! My mom & I would watch together :P... actually they were quite mature, and she allowed me to watch lol).
One of them was Little Women (based on the novel); the second to youngest daughter stayed home, rather than going to school, and helped around the house and played piano.
Kinda corny, but what really got me was "Für Elise" lol
Then all these various songs she'd play.. and oh the beautiful (although very old and out of tune) baby grand piano.. and then later the family fixed her up with a new (rather large) upright, that was of much better quality than the old grand.

Then, of course, came Amadeus :mrgreen:
I saw it when I was 6, and I was totally creeped out.
I was sick and terrified of the actor that portrayed Salieri... mostly because he himself looked ill.
But the music captivated me even then ~ particularly the piano movements.
And I had never forgotted that classic laugh of Tom Hulce's in the movie.
It remained in my head until the next time I would have seen it, when I was 14.

Then right before 6th grade started I started piano.
The first piano I got was free (lol) ~ we lived in an apartment building in which there was a piano in a room that sort of served for socializing (although rarely was there anyone in there). The lady that actually owned it felt bad that nobody was playing it, so she wanted to give it away, and we ended up getting it. Months later, I finally got a piano teacher (whom I'm still with).

About the same time, I took flute at my school band. It was really fun, but when I changed schools, I stopped because it was a lot more expensive (plus, I couldn't rent one out anymore).


So yeah..! ^_^
Post how you got "introduced" to music, what incited you to want to study it (in whatever form), what instruments you have/do study, etc :P
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Postby Sohcahtoa » 22 Oct 2004, 12:46

I listened to Mozart, Beethoven when I was really young. My parents forced me to take cello. I hated it so I quit.

I got interested in classical again about a year agi, bought a keyboard six months ago, started piano lessons a couple months ago. I'm really enjoying it! :yay:
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Postby LaPianistaLoca » 22 Oct 2004, 13:52

When I was three, I used to play around with my cousin's piano.
I didn't start lessons till 3 yrs later. Now 10-11 yrs later, I'm still at it.
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Postby JBJ » 22 Oct 2004, 13:57

While in the basement a couple years ago, I heard my mother playing "Misty", a famous jazzy song, and asked her to teach me it. A few months later I was up to my neck in classical.
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Postby Scrabble » 22 Oct 2004, 15:35

My mom wanted to keep me busy so I wouldn't be bored and bug her when I was little, so she signed me up for piano lessons when I was five. I've been into classical music since.
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Postby aout4 » 22 Oct 2004, 23:15

In 6th grade, some of my friends from school were learning piano, so I wanted my mom to let me learn it.... But I stopped about 5 years later cos I'm sick of piano exams. Last year I attended a chopin piano recital and I fell in love with chopin....so much so that I got a new piano and started to take lessons again.

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Postby Brewtality » 23 Oct 2004, 03:14

ok i wrote a long reply to this then somehow managed to delete it :|
i started playing piano and violin at 5 coz my parents made me. Never liked it but continued playing. i quit piano after 9, violin after 11 but started piano again after i saw shine. Now i love it and try to play as much as i can. i've also started collecting classical cds this year (only got about 100 so far)
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Postby TheRach » 23 Oct 2004, 11:26

My mom.
She plays piano, then signed me up for lessons when I was seve...erm, four. I hated it, so I quit after a couple of months. Some time later, I began to listen to a few of the many classical music CD's my parents owned. By then i had pretty much forgotten everything, except the names of half of the notes.
Then, in school, I noticed how every single person who played piano was so much better than me. I was so jealous, that I started again, working hard as hell. Learned Rondo Alla Turka after my first (well not really first) month. Twinkle Twinkle Variations after 8 or so months (and other pieces in between, of course).
Well I've only been playing for a year now, since I'm five.
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Postby beethoven » 23 Oct 2004, 13:43

I went to a concert in which they played Beethoven 5th symphony and Mozart 20th piano concerto. They both made me interested in classical music. I was 5 back then. At 6 I started taking piano lessons and I don't regret it now.

Thanks Beethoven, thanks Mozart :wink:

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Postby An!ma` » 23 Oct 2004, 13:47

beethoven wrote:I went to a concert in which they played Beethoven 5th symphony and Mozart 20th piano concerto. They both made me interested in classical music. I was 5 back then. At 6 I started taking piano lessons and I don't regret it now.

Thanks Beethoven, thanks Mozart :wink:


That explains a lot :)
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Postby Max » 23 Oct 2004, 13:52

My dad listened to loads of classical stuff, so I got interested, and started piano about 3 years ago because of it.
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Postby Krai » 23 Oct 2004, 15:49

I love reading stories about this stuff.

As for me, both my parents are classically trained musicians, so it was inevitable. My dad's a violinst and my mom's a pianist and a singer, so instead of making us play both the violin and piano, they alternated between each kid. My brother played piano, then my sister violin, then me piano, then my brother double bass.....yeah apparently he got to choose. We didn't really listen to anything but classical music. It has always been a part of my life, I can't even remember one day that I would come home and not hear someone practicing.
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Postby Jackson » 24 Oct 2004, 09:21

My mom first asked me whether I want to learn to play piano. I then said I want. But then I quit. Then years later I joined a chinese orchestra, and I gradually sink into the ocean of classical music. Now, I don't only like classical music, but chinese music as well, especially those which produced around the time of liberation.
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Postby Celviano » 25 Oct 2004, 01:56

I got introduced by video game music. While I was searching for some final fantasy scores, I stumbled into chopinfiles.com, and the first work that I heard was Chopin's op.25 no.7 etude, which really got me interested.

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Postby pianoangel » 29 Oct 2004, 10:15

No one else in my house plays an instrument but there is always music playing on a radio or whatever. Ive loved music for as long as I can remember and my parents say I showed an interest in learning to play an instrument around the age of 3. At the age of 6 we found out that a lady in my housing estate played piano and she agreed to teach me for half an hour a week. I didnt have a piano at home at this stage. After just a few months my teacher gave up teaching and moved house. I also had to stop for a few years after reaching around a grade 2 standard. When I was thirteen my parents bought a digital piano and I was able to start again. I found another teacher through a friend.Since then I have done grade 8 and senior certificate and have found myself without a teacher once again.Still going on though, got an exam for a performers diploma coming up in a few weeks...
Oh yeah, and I also got my first real piano in May (yay!!!)
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