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Beethoven's Sonatas

Music composed between 1730 and 1820: Beethoven, Mozart, etc.
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Beethoven's Sonatas

Postby Konzertpiani » 17 Feb 2005, 23:34

I really like Appassionata! It's so awesome! I wanna play it one of these days, but I'm not ready. I think that Beethoven's fury is clearly stated in the piece...his music amazes me. It can be so beautiful and yet so angry! What an awesome talent to have! I think I do the same thing with my music. I have been writing music for three and a half years now and when I look back on it, I find that I do the same thing. When I'm mad, my music reflects that. :twisted:Does anybody here compose what they feel? Gimme some feedback!
Konzertpiani :lol:
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Re: Beethoven's Sonatas

Postby windy138 » 11 Jun 2010, 03:51

Beethoven's Sonatas are great. I love them
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