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Mozart,Haydn,Beethoven -sonata's

Music composed between 1730 and 1820: Beethoven, Mozart, etc.
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Mozart,Haydn,Beethoven -sonata's

Postby pianoangel » 19 Jan 2005, 12:08

I have one question I need to ask. Of all the piano sonata's by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven which is your favourite. Im asking because I need to learn one this year, for auditions, and Im having a little bit of trouble deciding which to do.....
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Postby Max » 19 Jan 2005, 12:14

Definatly Beethovens op.28. Such a gorgeous piece.
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Postby Fryderyk » 19 Jan 2005, 12:51

Op 28 at the moment for me aswell.

It was actually in my dream one night, and old man explained what a certain part of the third part was symbolizing hehe :|wierd.

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Postby Jeliness2 » 19 Jan 2005, 18:43

I like Beethoven's Waldstein and Appassionata, Mozart's F Major and C Major Sonatas (K.332 & 330), and Haydn's C Major Sonata Hob. 50.
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Postby beethoven » 20 Jan 2005, 08:13

All Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven sonatas.

Er....more specific, Beethoven, Op.101, 106,110 and 111
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Postby aout4 » 12 Jan 2006, 08:25

Sorry, I don't wish to start a new topic but........

I want to get some recordings of Mozart Sonatas but I couldn't find Brendel in my local store.....Question is, is Mitsuko Uchida just as good? Between the two, who is better?

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Postby citrine_peridot » 12 Jan 2006, 19:03

I think Brendel is better ...yet I still don't like his Haydn sonata (guess Haydn is just not my thing..)same thing with Argerich's Mozart

and pianoangle, the late Beethoven(109, 110,111) are awesome... I might actually get jealous if you play any of them

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Postby juufa72 » 12 Jan 2006, 22:56

if these are for auditions, I'd stay away from the more "cliche" pieces. Haydn Sonatas, especially his last 6 (good luck finding the sheet music) are very pretty. Sonata no.58 hob.48 in Cmajor is very nice. playing rare pieces is good, serves as a break from the typical recital/audition repitoire, but then again if it's too "boring" then the judges might pass it over as insignificant and pay more attention to the pieces they are familiar with.

But my two cents: Haydn's last sonatas No.56, No.58, No. 59, No.60, No.61, or No.62 all very nice.
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Postby Brewtality » 15 Jan 2006, 04:53

I don't like Haydn, I don't like Mozart. Of Beethoven op 22 was my favourite, but the second movement is not great imo.
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