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Haydn sonatas are...

Music composed between 1730 and 1820: Beethoven, Mozart, etc.
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Postby beethoven » 24 Dec 2004, 07:17

Best Haydn recordings= Brendel

ask Koji.
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Postby Philip Daniel » 24 Dec 2004, 12:12

Haydn's variations to me are even greater manifestations of his genius for variety, his perfect counterpoint and voice-leading, and the balance of his forms and structures than his beloved sonatas. Especially the famous Un piccolo Divertimento in F minor, Arietta con Varizione in A, and Arietta con Varizione in Eb. Still, even more beautiful than his fortepiano/pianoforte compositions are his oratorios, from the passionately tragic Seven Last Words of Christ to the autumnal Seasons. His genius was spellbinding.
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Postby Jeliness2 » 24 Dec 2004, 16:42

It took me around 15-20 minutes to play through his variations in f minor for the first time. :((w/out repeats too)
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Postby Sightreader » 05 Mar 2005, 03:13

It is great to see such enthusiasm for Haydn's sonatas! I have the Vienna Urtext Edition of them and am pretty sure they are chronologically arranged. I play them all regularly.

Fryderyk wrote:I can´t stand Clementi. :|

I don't know what possessed me to pick-up a book of Clementi Sonatas from the library the other day but yesterday I started playing one (op.36?)... :|it felt like I was slipping into a coma. Anyway, I abandoned it part way and quickly reached for Haydn Sonatas vol. 1 and played the first 6 sonatas to purge myself. :)

I've heard some of Bredel's recordings of Haydn and like them.

Is anyone aware of any recordings of Haydn Sonatas played on a Fortepiano?
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Postby lol_nl » 03 Jun 2006, 08:13

I've played:

Sonata in C, Hob:XVI:1
Sonata in G, Hob:XVI:27
Sonata in D, Hob:XVI:37
Sonata in g minor, Hob:XVI:44 (polishing 2nd mvt.)
Sonata in E flat, Hob:XVI:49 (First mvt. until now).

By the way, speaking about Haydn, do you like Haydn-seek? :lol::lol:
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