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Music composed between 1815 and 1910, excluding Chopin: Liszt, Mendelssohn, etc.
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Postby PianistSk8er » 30 Aug 2004, 09:06

eMule has it? :shock:Usually P2P only has stuff like Fur Elise and Rondo Alla Turca and it's all by Rubinstein. :roll:

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Postby Medtner » 30 Aug 2004, 14:14

Scriabinist wrote:I'm going to eMule right now and start doenloading his stuff! :P

What server on eMule has this stuff, do you think? :?
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Postby Comme_le_Vent » 30 Aug 2004, 20:42

recordings of it are rare enough....there are only 2 -by the same pianist
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Postby Scriabinist » 01 Sep 2004, 13:29

I found 4 mp3's but I have to queue for at least 2 days before I get to download anything. >_>
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Postby Philip Daniel » 01 Sep 2004, 13:38

I have heard of Sergei Lyapunov, and I have concurred that he was indeed a gifted composer who unfortuantely could not stand the test of time and indeed is nearly forgotten. His most famous work, the Transcendental Etude Opus 11 #10 "Lezghinka" is popular as a virtuoso showpiece, though it is far more in terms of its musical content, which indeed is impressive. A nationalist, Lyapunov's work reflects an interest in barbaric Russia before the advent of Christianity and of the orient and far east. He was a very skilled composer, with excellent craftmanship and a fiery, inspired musical disposition.
For those who are interested, here is a link to download "Lezghinka" from the SMA: http://www.sheetmusicarchive.net/dlpage ... on_id=2117
Best Wishes,
Philip Daniel
Philip Daniel
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