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Douglas Adams on Bach

Music composed between 1600 and 1750: Bach, Handel, Scarlatti, etc.
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Douglas Adams on Bach

Postby elvenpianist on Thu Jul 06, 2006 1:28 am

Randomly, I found that Penguin classics CD I thought was a joke at my library- and there is indeed an essay by Douglas Adams in the booklet. :shock:Had no idea he was a fan of the Bachmeister! Awesome. 8)Anyway, here's some of my favorite bits from the essay:

Some people say that the mathematical complexity of Bach renders it unemotional. I think the opposite is true. As I listen to the interplay of parts in a piece of Bach polyphony, each individual strand of music gathers hold of a different feeling in my mind, and takes them on simultaneous interweaving roller-coasters of emotion. One part may be quietly singing to itself, another is on an exhilarating rampage, another is sobbing in the corner, another dancing. Arguments break out, laughter, rage. Peace is restored. The parts can be utterly different, yet all belong indivisibly together. It's as emotionally complex as a family.


When you listen to the 5th Brandenburg Concerto, you don't need a musicologist to tell you that something new and different is happening.


I'm convinced that Bach is the greatest genius who ever walked among us.

Well said, Mr. Adams. 8)

~Clara Glennette Georgiana Fiorkapatti

"Those little weirdnesses... Schumann- QUIRKY!" -David Dubal

"I am convinced that Bach is the greatest genius who ever walked among us." -Douglas Adams
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