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Avatar Help

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Avatar Help

Postby PianistSk8er » 26 Aug 2004, 11:23

Hello, I have taken the liberty to create a sticky to help out certain members who wish to display an avatar.

First, you music find an avatar within the confines of 100pi. x 100pi.
Here are a couple recommended sites for finding such avatars,
Once you have found an avatar, you will need to find a place to host it on the internet. Here are a few good sites for image hosting.
Once this is done, you should have a link to where the photo is placed on the web.

For example... http://www.freeimagehostexample.com/user242/image2.gif

Now, log in to the forum, enter your profile, and paste this link into the bottom field called "Link to off-site Avatar".

If it has worked, your avatar should show up next to all of your posts.

Please remember that if your avatar contains unacceptable material or is over the size limit (100pi. x 100pi.) that an administrator has every right to remove it and possibly remove your individual Avatar priviliges.

Please enjoy! :)and feel free to PM me for any more questions.

PianistSk8er (Admin)
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Postby beethoven » 27 Aug 2004, 05:13

You can also link it to your FTP account, if you are from CF and you have one there.
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