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FTP Space

Important information regarding the site and forum
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FTP Space

Postby PianistSk8er » 02 Sep 2004, 13:17

Anyone interested in some FTP space may feel free to contact me. I can provide about 100 MB per user. This space is to mostly be used on the forum (for pictures, auditions, recordings, etc...). Please remember that I shall feel free to remove any account at any time, should I see fit. So, please send me a PM if you are interested.

Once you have acquired an account, this information should be of some use to you:

FTP Address: ftp://chopinmusic.net/USERNAME

You will be given a username and password upon your request.

All transfers are most easily done in SmartFTP.

PianistSk8er / Webmaster

P.S. Please don't reply to this topic, just PM me. :)
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Violin Concerto Enthusiast
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