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Prelude op28 no 24

Chopin's life and works, only
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Prelude op28 no 24

Postby mistral400 » 24 Oct 2008, 09:20

Reference bars 14 and 18
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Would appreciate help with bars 14 and 18, that is top left hand bar(14) and the middle right hand bar (18).

1) In bar 14 there are 28 1/32nd notes which equates with 7 1/8th notes not 6 1/8th notes in the time signature.

2) In bar 14 the first half of the LH starts by showing alignment with the RH for the first 4 1/16 notes, with two RH 1/32 notes to each LH 1/16 notes: but this relationship falls down with final LH 1/8th aligning with five RH 1/16th notes - not four as I would expect.
For the second half of bar 14 LH, the 'alignment' which I thought was somewhat established in the first half does'nt work.

I have three versions of this prelude and in each case these bars seem to be all over the place, ( I'll get to bar 18 if someone is kind enough to help me with 14).

Please, I don't want to be told this piece is too hard for me, or, play slowly at first and it will come etc., etc.. because although self taught, I can cope; it is the theory I am after both carefully and succinctly explained.

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