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Chopin Liszts hand size.

Chopin's life and works, only
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Re: Chopin Liszts hand size.

Postby pianola » 16 Oct 2007, 22:42

wow, no fair! people have big hands! am i the only one that can only reach a 9th?? :(

oh, and i knew Liszt had large hands, but reaching a 12th is...........ENORMOUS. did he have gigantic hands or something? no wonder he is considered the best pianist ever lived.

Chopin can only reach a 9th??? thats..................small......for a great pianist like him......thats as big as my hand.......
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Re: Chopin Liszts hand size.

Postby Jeliness2 » 24 Aug 2008, 17:07

hey I saw a copy of liszt's hand size.

it was really... very big
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