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About the Webmaster

My name is Nico Paul. I was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada in 1989. The son of an aboriginal Canadian and of an Acadian, my childhood comprised a notable medley of cultures. As a child, I often listened to my mother play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on our piano, a decaying instrument of the twenties. At the age of six years, I began taking lessons.

But for many years, I protested. I competed in the Fredericton Music Festival, occasionally receiving awards for my efforts. Nevertheless, practice was scarce, and my exam marks were less than impressive.

One year, a particularly trying year, I suddenly discovered the riches of friendship with the piano. I regularly spent hours on practice and on finding new material. In music I found solace and a channel for expression, and these experiences initiated in me an undying love.

My marks in the festival increased dramatically, as I began to enjoy performance and competition. In 2003, I won the Junior Star position, and for two years in a row I was nominated for the Senior Star position. I competed in the provincial festivals of New Brunswick and Saskatchewan, as well, and received a mark of 90 on my grade 10 practical examination.

I am currently studying engineering at the University of Alberta. This website is a fusion of my passions for technology and for music. It is the meeting place of many talented virtuosi of the future. And I am proud to know them!


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