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Happy 199th birthday, Chopin!

About Chopin Music

My name is Nico Paul, and I am an Acadian classical pianist. In 2004, I came across the music of Chopin and became greatly addicted thereto. As I surfed the Internet in search of sheet music and recordings, I was surprised by the lack of resources available at the time. In order to solve this problem, a friend and I decided to create Chopin Music. This website would serve to provide a large amount of media and information to the general public.

Several years have passed, and the website has survived many ups and downs. Improvements and additions have been regular (including three server transfers and two renovations), and the growth has been impressive. Most importantly, a community has grown, and I am proud to be a member (and its webmaster)!

Contributing to Chopin Music

Chopin Music would not be possible without the many contributions that are made by our visitors. We can always use more media, information, articles, reviews or even members on the forum. Also, we are always interested in having any error(s) or omission(s) on the site brought to our attention. If you are interested in helping out, please contact PianistSk8er via the forum. You should also contact him with any ideas, suggestions, complaints or comments. Thank you!

Technical Information

In order to best serve our visitors, this website is compatible with every modern Internet browser. It uses a fine mixture of PHP, MySQL, XHTML and CSS—the web’s best resources—in order to work efficiently and correctly. We are proud to state that every page of the website complies with the XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS standards of the W3C Validation Service.


This page was last updated on 2008-01-20.